Women's footwear trend Spring Summer 2020.

Innovative square toe shoe designs that will invade the street style adapting to all situations and adding an original touch to the final style.

Summery light colors like light pink and turquoise will be absolute stars of the season. Romantic and delicate, these colors are sweet and bright.

Light green colors-scheme are a total success this spring. Combine it with neutral accessories to balance the look.

Black is the color that never fails and continues to be a trend. It combines with all colors and is also suitable for any occasion.

Demystified that you have to wear heels to dress with class, the zero heel sandals are perfect for the most glamorous outfits.

The sandals with square toe platform and ankle strap will be your best resource for this summer.

Dare with our proposal of sandals with knotted ankle straps that stylize and combine perfectly with your looks in the purest street style.

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